Terms & Conditions

Persons who make reservations from this website accept the general terms and conditions.

Cash payments for the transfer will be made to the driver in the currency that was chosen at the time of the reservation booking.

We are committed to provide transfer services with the prices that were declared in the confirmation form.

Our company reserves the right to make any necessary changes on the transfer prices that were published on the website. The price changes that may occur can be caused due to the increase in fuel rates , exchange rates, inflation and possible differences in cost.

The confirmation e-mail that is sent to you by our company guarantees your transfer reservation.

Non-transmitted, delayed or incomplete e-mails due to errors caused by internet data accessibility is not our company’s responsibility.  In such cases, please contact us.

For any flight delays or early arrivals that may occur, please e-mail or call and provide us with the new details.

We do not request any extra fee for flight delays.

In terms of safety and hygiene regulations, please carry your pets in their cage.

All guests should be at the airport 1 hour prior for Domestic Flights, 2 hours prior for International Flights.

According to the law, smoking and drinking alcohol is not allowed in the vehicles.

Up to 2 free baby seats, child seat or booster service is provided. Please provide your requirement on the booking form or advise customer service on the phone.

According to law and our company policy, the parent needs to fix the baby seat, infant seat or booster accordingly for the child. Our driver can only give technical advice to you.

We do not guarantee capacity-out and out of control situations on the baby seats, child seats and booster services.

Please select type of vehicle according to the passenger count. Infant and child should be counted as a passenger.

According to the Tourism Transport Law maximum 3 passenger can be Travel with driver in the small type of cars. (Regardless of age, children's and baby included in this application.)

Seats and Liability insurance arranged according the law therefore if the company is not blend they have very heavy legal sanctions are imposed.

According to law and traffic regulations, the passenger count should not exceed the maximum capacity of passengers for the vehicle selected.

The same class or upper class vehicles may be used due to changes in the operational vehicle or congestion of aircraft delays for the transfers and other causes.

 All details need to be filled out on the form without any blanks or mistakes.

During the booking, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct mobile phone number details, otherwise we shall not be held responsible for problems encountered.

During the booking, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide the correct e-mail address details, otherwise we shall not be held responsible for problems encountered.

The prices are for one-way transfers vehicles.

Loading and taking control of the luggage and luggage count are under the customer’s responsibility.

Our vehicle will only provide transfer services to the address that was requested in the booking form.

Faulty road and/or land conditions that are not intended for the structure of the vehicle, closed roads or pedestrian only roads may cause the driver to park in a suitable area and take you to your destination point from there. Our drivers will help carry your luggage.

Please ensure the total luggage count for the vehicle’s capacity does not exceed the number given on the website. We do not accept luggage exceeding the capacity of the vehicle.

Unless requested on the reservation booking form, we do not accept bicycles, electrical bicycles, surf boards, golf bags etc.

Our company will provide, if available, an alternative vehicle and/or inform you if we are unable to do so for any problems caused by mechanical defects, traffic accidents, operational malfunctions, weather conditions, high-volume traffic conditions, terror incidents, police practices and/or similar situations that may cause the transfer service to not initiate or continue. We will refund your money for the transfer payment made and/or will pay the difference of another vehicle that you arranged yourself.

After customs and luggage pick-up, you will be greeted by our driver or greeter at the arrivals gate with a logo sign written with your name and surname which you entered on the booking form.

The prices stated in our website include VAT, vehicle, driver, fuel, parking and highway fees. If the customer requests to go to a different location or city or more than one location or requests to stop for shopping or visiting then the driver must contact the Operation Office to check the schedule. If the transfer car is available, then according to the customer’s demand, an extra fee will be charged.

Prices are private transfer car-based,shuttle and speedy shuttle are one way per person and include parking and highway fees

In the case of shared transfer, the per person price drops as the total number of people increases (+1 person / 20 TL) and applies to passengers who will land at the same point.

In case of in your arrival transfer, there is an unlimited waiting guarantee of our vehicle in the delay that can occur on the plane and no extra charge is required.

Private transfers, shuttle and speedy shuttle are welcome at the airport with a board written our company logos ekonomiktransfer.com

Our welcome duty will guide our guests to the car waiting in the parking lot.

In our shuttle and speedy shuttle service, only guests are combined will be in the same plane.

In our shuttle and speedy shuttle service, the waiting period is the last expected guest arrival on the same flight.

Upon departure of our shuttle and speedy shuttle service, the guest's pick-up time is automatically determined by the system according entered time of the aircraft departure time.

The return transfers pick up time calculation is made so as to be at the airport for 1 hour before the domestic flights and 2 hours before the international flights.

We kindly ask you to be ready 10 minutes before the pick-up time, which is indicated on the guest's shuttle and speedy shuttle return date.

The pick-up time may change - / + 10 minutes indicated on the guest’s shuttle and speedy shuttle return date.

Our speedy shuttle service is limited to max 4 different stop points.

Shuttle and speedy shuttle will be made between 01 May - 30 September.

Our vehicles max 3 years old and is suitable for directing the highways.

Private transfer reservations must be made or canceled at least 6 hours (12 hours for luxury car) in advance..

Shuttle and speedy shuttle reservations must be made or canceled at least 24 hours in advance.

In shuttle and speedy shuttle transfers baby or child seat service is not provided.

On private transfers, our drivers are available 10 minutes before the time indicated on the departure point.

We reserve the right to use the same superstructure as the vehicles specified in cases where it may occur.