Sales Contract

In accordance with the public journal dated 13.06.2003 no: 25137 ‘procedures and principles of distance sales contracts public act’ a sales contract is required for sales made over the internet. The contract details are as follows.

On-line Sales Agreement

1- Parties
 The Service Provider Karia Travel will be hereinafter referred to as “Agency”.
The person whose first and last name and/or on behalf of whomever the reservation is made for will be hereinafter referred to as the “Consumer”.
2- Subject
This “Agreement” is made between the “Consumer” and the “Agency”.
This covers the rights and obligation of the “Consumer” and “Agency” of the following services specified in accordance with the qualifications and conditions of sale, written, visual, telephone, and for sales of services in an electronic environment.
This contract covers the transfers, tours and car allocation services purchased by the “Consumer” from the “Agency” website. Service attributes can be found at the On-line Sales Agreement and the "Terms and Conditions" website pages. The booking service fee is specified on the approval and reservation forms sent to the specified e-mail address of the “Consumer”.

3- Agreement Term
This agreement; will be made effective from the time the “Agency” confirms the “Consumer” reservation. In the event the “Consumer” does not dispute any of the services provided, the term will automatically be terminated. In case of dispute, the contractual relationship shall be valid until the dispute is resolved.

4- Payment Information
When paying for services by credit card, the “Consumer” is obligated to pay for the service fee when making the reservation.

The prices for the services include VAT.

Making reservations and payment; The “Consumer” agrees to the terms on the website in reference to the “On-line Sales Agreement” and “Terms and Conditions”.

Complaints and refund requests must be made within 14 (fourteen) days of the service and must be made in writing to

According to the Tax Procedure Law, the purchased service must be invoiced within 7 days, which includes the day of purchase.

The “Agency” will make out the invoice according to the information given in the reservation form.

Per “Consumer” request, the invoice will be mailed out and paid by the addressee using the information in the reservation form.

For payments made through Paypal; the service fee charged by Paypal is added to the transaction amount on the payment page as a service fee and is the sole responsibility of the customer.

For refunds on Paypal payments; the service fee charged by Paypal will be deducted from the transaction amount and is the sole responsibility of the customer.

For payments made by credit card; interest fees related to banks or other payment methods for the payment plan chosen by the customer is added to the transaction and is automatically displayed on the payment plan table.

Any fees incurred due to cancellation or refund for credit card payments made through a bank’s point of sale system or through a payment processing company will be deducted from the amount to be refunded and is the sole responsibility of the customer.

For refunds of payments made by bank transfers; the service fee charged by the bank will be deducted and is the sole responsibility of the customer.

On our website, some vehicles may require pre-payment as a payment option.

When booking a pre-payment vehicle, the booking must be made on the basis of Turkey’s local time 72 hours in advance. Once the booking is completed, the customer will have accepted the time limitation.

Requests for booking pre-payment vehicles less than 72 hours should contact us for pre-compliance.

On our website, some destinations may require pre-payment as a payment option.

For money transfers made through a bank; any discrepancies arising from or due to international financial agreements and/or the bank or correspondent banks’ commission policy, the receiver may incur additional commission fees.

All commission fees deducted and incurred from the transferring bank is the sole responsibility of the sender.

In order to avoid these commission fees, please consult with your bank.

5- Cancellation and Changes
If the “Consumer” requests for a cancellation up to 12 hours before the service begins, the “Agency” will refund the entire amount.
If the “Consumer” requests for a cancellation less than 12 hours before the service begins, the “Agency” will refund %50 of the amount of the single service. In the event of payment being have made for return service, the return service fee will be refunded entirely.
These conditions do not include discount services, early reservation prices or reduced prices.
Any date changes made by the “Consumer” will be bound to the cancellation clauses.
The “Consumer” agrees to follow the rules stated in the “Agreement”; be respectful towards all 3rd parties’ lives, possessions and peace of mind; otherwise they will not receive a justifiable service and will lose their rights to a refund request.
After fulfillment of the service; in any event of the “Consumer” credit card being illegally or unrightfully used by another party unrelated to any fault of the “Agency”, resulting in a rejected payment made by the bank to the “Agency”, the “Consumer” will be subject to payment of the service and any losses encountered by the “Agency”.

6- General Provisions
The “Agency” will provide, if available, an alternative vehicle and/or inform the “Consumer” if unable to do so for any problems caused by mechanical defects, traffic accidents, operational malfunctions, weather conditions, high-volume traffic conditions, terror incidents, police practices and/or similar situations that may cause the transfer service to not initiate or continue.
In the cases mentioned above, the “Agency” will refund the payment made by the “Consumer” for the transfer and/or will pay the difference of another vehicle that has been arranged by the “Consumer”.
Failure to either fully or partially comply with the “Agreement” by the “Agency” will result in payment of compensation calculated and set forth by TURSAB KÜTAHYA CHARTS.

7- Validity
This “Contract” is comprised of 7 main clauses, if necessary 2 copies can be prepared and signed by the parties; Road Transport Act Law article 4925 shall apply for any disputes between the misunderstandings of the “Contract”.  Any disputes arising from this “Contract” will be handled through the Bodrum courts and enforcement agencies.
I state that I have read and agree with the “Agreement” on behalf of myself and whomever I have registered on the reservation/booking form.
This statement is valid even in the event of someone else instead of myself has processed and signed this “Contract”.
I, the “Consumer” understand and agree to the full terms in this “Agreement” and “Terms and Conditions” found on the website and the accuracy of the information on the reservation/booking form and that I have read the Road Transport Act Law article 4925 and the information on the “Agency” website.